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The Man Himself
EpisodeSelect Preview 13




3 "Manly Managers and Girly Girls"


Denise Mahavir Pearl Luke Duncan

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"It's Always the Quiet Ones..."

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"Captain of His Ship"

"The Man Himself" is the thirteenth episode of Miss Management. This is also the first episode of season three.


Denise and the team visited the central office for the first time and were fascinated, until Luke noticed the smoking area and troubled by the sight of it. Mahavir revealed that Pearl loves to smoke more than having popcorn.

Duncan welcomes the team and decided to experiment Motivation and Leadership Efficiency (M.A.L.E) to motivate them. He also welcomes anyone to have a pep talk if they ever felt demotivated. Luke also noticed a stereo in the office and turned it on, only to be reprimanded by Pearl.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Duncan wants to have a motivational pep talk to Mahavir at the water cooler. (60 seconds)
  • Duncan wants to have a motivational pep talk to Pearl at the water cooler. (60 seconds)
  • Duncan wants to have a motivational pep talk to Luke at the water cooler. (60 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to take advantage of the smoking lounge and take a few cigarettes (60 seconds)
  • Duncan wants to complete 15 tasks to show leadership ability.

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Mahavir wants to take a quick nap on the couch. (30 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to complete 8 tasks to be a role model of productivity.
  • Luke wants to relax at the water cooler with a mug of medicinal herb tea. (50 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 5 days.

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