Technically Unsupportive
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Technically Unsupportive is the fifth episode of Miss Management. Usage of manuals to increase employee's skill is introduced in this episode.


Denise is surprised to see Winston who came very early in the morning. Winston introduces himself as the tech support staff, who handles the network infrastructure of C.A.I and has already known her since she was hired. He claims that he rather have all the technical tasks done by him as he dislikes other people mucking around the networks.

Timothy overheard their conversation and informs that he is the one handling technical tasks during Winston's absence. Later, Mahavir teases Winston that he returns just to meet Mahavir. Timothy then asks Denise to assign him technical tasks and buy a technical manual to prove his ability.

At the end of the episode, Denise saw Timothy getting stressed out, and advises him not to take his job too seriously.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Timothy wants to complete 8 technical tasks.
  • Timothy wants to get a technical manual from Office Town.
  • Tara wants to doodle on the whiteboard. (45 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to chat Tara up at the water cooler. (45 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Timothy wants to hang out in the kitchen making beef stroganoff. (60 seconds)
  • Winston wants to do 5 technical tasks to make sure Timothy doesn't mess anything up.
  • Mahavir wants to complete 5 tasks of any kind, just to look kinda busy.
  • Complete all goals in 2 days.