Supply Shutdown!
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4 "The Belly of the Corporate Beast"


Denise Mahavir Pearl Luke Ashley Nadine

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"Supply Shutdown!" is the twenty-first episode of Miss Management.


As Pearl continued to push the team for productivity, Denise added that they need extra budget for snacks and office supplies. Pearl insisted that the team should cut down on snacks and not relying on them for stress relief, which made her worried.

Meanwhile, Mahavir tried to properly introduce Nadine again, which in turn being harshly turned down. Nadine also commented Luke's weird body odor.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Luke wants to complete a full body infusion of herbal tea at the water cooler, in one day. (60 seconds)
  • Pearl doesn't allow anyone to have donuts or coffee for one day.
  • Pearl wants Luke to work on 15 tasks.
  • Mahavir wants to flirt with Nadine at the water cooler. (60 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Nadine wants Mahavir to stop napping and work on 15 tasks.
  • Pearl wants to take a long smoke break in the lounge. (120 seconds)
  • Nadine wants to take a long smoke break in the lounge. (120 seconds)
  • Nadine wants Ashley to prove her worth and work on 20 tasks.
  • Complete all goals in 4 days.

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