Seriously No More
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Seriously No More is the sixth episode and the last episode of the first season in Miss Management.


Denise wonders where Timothy is as she did not see him in the office. Timothy arrives late and his weird mannerisms causing Winston and Mahavir to question whether it is the real Timothy. Timothy then explains he had a new perspective to his life thanks to Denise's advice and asks Winston to do all his tasks. While Timothy goes off making stroganoff in the kitchen, Mahavir wants to take a nap after a night out at the rave.

At the end of the episode, Timothy decided to quit his job to pursue his dreams, something that Denise is proud of. Winston hopes that she can explain Timothy's resignation to the upper management and Pearl. Denise is still puzzled who Pearl is, Winston warns her that she'll know soon enough.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Timothy wants to get through one day without doing any tasks.
  • Tim wants that know-it-all Winston to complete 15 tasks.
  • Timothy wants to hang out in the kitchen, chillin' with some stroganoff. (200 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to nap on the couch. (60 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Tara wants to doodle on the whiteboard. (90 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to chat Tara up at the water cooler. (45 seconds)
  • Timothy wants to get the crown jewel of office supplies, The Red Classique Stapler from Office Town.
  • Complete all goals in 3 days.