General Employee

Relaxes by

Napping on the couch


Flirting with the ladies


Other people on his couch, the smell of stroganoff





First Appearance

Episode 1 "First Day on the Job"

Final Appearance

Episode 30 "Her Real Plan"

"It is I, Mahavir... at your service, mademoiselles and ladies!"

Mahavir is an employee of C.A.I in Miss Management. He is known for his laziness and flirtatious behaviour.


Originated from Bombay, India. Mahavir is the first employee Denise met in C.A.I. He is the jack of all trades employee and a master of none. According to Winston, He graduated from Harvard in English Literature.


Mahavir has published a self-help bible "The Eternal Wisdom of Mahavir" and it is an instant success. However, his parents have tracked him down and forced him to go to Delhi to marry a daughter of a family friend. He mysteriously disappeared on his engagement party and is last seen on a train to Paris. As Denise moved to Paris in her Epilogue, the implications are that he has gone to seek her out, a possible sequel hook.
Epilogue mahavir

Mahavir's epilogue


Mahavir has dark brown hair which has bangs that cover one of his eyes. He wears a peach vest with a white shirt with the collar popped up and teal jeans. 


Mahavir is a very flirty person who makes a move on every single female employee in C.A.I, failing every time. He sleeps a lot during the day which is often reflected in his level goals (sleeping for X amount on the couch) and spends many of his nights partying or raving. Mahavir is depicted a slacker.


  • Mahavir appears in 26 episodes, the most among all employees.
  • Mahavir is considered the guide in the game's tutorials.
  • Although it is not mentioned in his profile or displayed on his desk arrows, he dislikes writing tasks. This is addressed in game dialogue, however. This may not have been a result of his incompetency in writing, but rather of his wish to slack off and that his expertise in English would have caused the managers to increase his workload, leaving him with no time to take naps.
  • Mahavir may be a bisexual, as when asked if would even flirt with Timothy, he responds: 'The love of Mahavir knows no bounds'. Most likely however, this was just a joke, as he qualified his comments by saying that he could not stand Timothy's "stroganasty stuff".
  • Mahavir references Kent Brockman from The Simpsons when he says 'I, for one, welcome our new slack-happy overlords!'
  • Mahavir is the only character whose primary method of exerting stress doesn't annoy Pearl. This is because he reminds Pearl of her son, which is why she doesn't mind him napping on the couch. Pearl would even went as far as to allow Mahavir to slack off during Project PEARL when she is pressing hard on the other employees.
  • Mahavir sucks his thumb while sleeping on the couch.