Freelance Writer

Relaxes by

Making herbal tea at the water cooler, bathroom breaks


Kombucha mate, music


Other people hogging the bathroom, smoke, air conditioning




Art, Financial

First Appearance

Episode 9 "Cool Hand Cavalry"

Final Appearance

Episode 22 "No Hippies Allowed"

"These toxins aren't feng shui for my inner karmic flow, man."

Luke is a writer in Conkling Associates International of Miss Management. He is portrayed as a stereotypical hippie.


Luke is hired by Denise to help out the writing tasks assigned, despite Pearl's disapproval. He is Denise's college roommate's friend.

After being constantly pressured by Pearl and Nadine, Luke eventually left from C.A.I to seek better opportunities.


Luke eventually moved back to Amsterdam for a couple of months and despite having issues with customs, he is relocated to Vancouver to open an all-natural organic coffeehouse.
Epilogue luke

Luke's epilogue


Luke has messy brown hair and some facial hair on his chin. He wears a white T-shirt, grey pants and riding boots.


Luke is a lover of protecting the environment. He likes organic stuff and hates air conditioning and smoking. He is also into music and alternative healing such as yoga and massages. However, his health is very delicate and always feeling unwell. Usually, Luke cannot tell when he was being insulted, misinterpreting what is being said about his alternative practices as a compliment.


  • Luke appeared in 14 episodes. He is the first new employee to be hired in the series.
  • Luke is one of the only characters who smiles while idle, along with Denise and Ashley.
  • Despite the mutual dislike between him and Ashley, the two have several things in common: they hate being around cigarette smoke, both like to make frequent use of the bathroom and are both one of the few characters who smile while idle. They also usually have their desks placed together.

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