Can You Handle It?
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Can You Handle It? is the second episode of Miss Management. This episode introduces managing multiple staff, the employee's strengths and weaknesses and character dynamics.


Mahavir caught Denise talking to herself after being happy about her first day of her job. He told Denise that the office's accountant, Timothy has returned to work and he is great at financial tasks. Timothy is nervous seeing Denise as the new manager and asks about Pearl. It is revealed that Pearl did not get Denise's job that Pearl had an eye on for years in the company.

After introducing Timothy to Denise, Mahavir goes off to nap on the couch, which upsets Timothy. She also learns about Timothy and Mahavir's different skills and different ways of relaxing themselves.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Timothy wants to get 5 tasks done.
  • Mahavir wants to nap on the couch. (30 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Mahavir wants to upstage Timothy by doing at least 6 tasks.
  • Timothy wants to relax at the water cooler for awhile. (45 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 2 days.